Networking is a crucial part of the Mexican work environment, and often depends on who you know rather than what you know.
It is customary for international firms with operations in Mexico to seek out foreign workers. It is also relatively simple for a foreigner with the appropriate immigration status to obtain a job in Mexico.


CVs can be extremely lengthy. Unlike in other countries, in Mexico, resumes are definitely not limited to one or two pages. 
In Mexico there is a concept known as Bolsa de Trabajo, which translates as ‘work bag’ or ‘job bag’ which  serves to collect resumes of people who are searching for jobs, matching them to job postings from various companies. Usually, a fee is charged to users.
Cover letters are not expected in Mexico, however, while they are generally not used, cover letters can contribute to providing a positive impression of the applicant.
Including a photograph used to be commonplace, but is now strongly discouraged now.. If the employer insists on including a photograph, it is advisable to submit a high quality professional photograph, preferably black and white frontal head-and-shoulder.
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