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Be prepared to move quickly when you see an interesting vacancy advertised. Research the companies that you'd like to work for and make sure you include evidence of your qualities or values that align with the potential employer's. Brush up on key skills or knowledge before applying for the job as well as including the right keywords, jargon and phrases commonly used by the employer or industry.


CV Tips

While a traditional-looking CV will be expected in certain industries, but it is all about standing out. Decide what makes you stand out. You can include a short branding statement under your CV headline and back it up with examples of achievements within each job listing. If you have a longer career history, putting in a "Career Highlights" section before your work history can be useful. Always remember to put your LinkedIn URL on your CV and consider including a section to provide an overview of yourself as an engaged professional –"Industry profile” for example. Here you can mention the LinkedIn groups or industry blogs where you are active, your membership of professional bodies and show that you're up-to-date with current trends and debates.
Demonstrating your online presence or social media activity is paramount. If there's very little about you online, start creating a presence now; industry-related reviews, set up presentations, or case studies available for people to view.
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Why not set job alerts in your Global Workplace account and take a look at the keywords employers are using in their job descriptions.

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